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A question about laudspeakers

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  • A question about laudspeakers

    Does anyone know if there are built in laudspeakers in a new Berlingo 2.0HDI multispace which comes out of the shop without a built in CD?

    I don't want to pay a hefty price for the built in radio that they ofer, but i want to know, if I have to buy just a CD unit later on or the spekers too to get a modest sound sistem?


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    Hy omar

    are you able to read german? In this case try to use the "search" option. If not i´ll try to find out and give you the answer. Bur if i understand your question right, you just want to get the original speekers without the CD?
    I would give you the advice to buy new speekers too, because Citroen put the latest and cheapest waste into the car. Good speekers are not expensive. Do this pleasure to yourself and do it without the original speekers.



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      hallo Omar,
      first I want to welcome you to our forum. If you order the berlingo without the radio you dont't have speakers. But there are wires in the frontdoors which you are able to connect with suitable speakers. If you have any more questions please ask.

      many greats Gabi
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        Thank you for your answers. I did try your advica and i checked out the german FAQ section of the forum. I do understand some german and the posts with "how to" pictures about radio and the speakers were wery informative.Thanks again.

        Can anyone sugest some speakers (manufacturer, model) for the front door version only. I don't havi kids yet, so for now i'll go witha a modest and cheap sound.



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          In my Berlingo I have the Sinus Live 16 iL. This is a set with tweeters for the top of the instrument panel and diplexer. The wires for the tweeters don't exist in the instrument panel but they are included to the set.I did not build in my speakers and my radio on my own but I bought the set on my own and so I know this. You also need a suitable radio adapter for the Berlingo if you don't want to kill your BSI .

          many greats Gabi


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            Hello your new speakers must have a maximum deepth of 5 cm and a radius of 16,5 cm. Keep attention with the cables. I have took original speaker. After you remove the loudspeaker shell (???) you see a blue water "Schutzfolie". Cut it very carefully, because you have to repair it with silicon or acryl spray. 10 cm over the hole you wiil find the cables for your speakers.
            After all make sure that no water runs into your car